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Events IT Support &
Laptop Rentals in UAE

Looking for a device that you can use for an event or some particular task but could not afford to purchase?
Al Kofa Computers provides IT Equipments on short-term rental.

Laptop & Network Equipment Rentals in Dubai

No need to buy what you only need for a short time
Al Kofa computer offers a wide range of IT equipment, including laptops, desktops, Switches, and more – we have got it all, Along with professional customer service throughout your rental duration.
Use: These are ideal for those organizing business start-ups, classroom instruction, product debuts, enrollment, surveys, corporate seminars, conferences, presentations, gaming, or businesses looking for temporary desktop/Laptop setups.
Pricing: As technology constantly evolves, purchasing bulk desktop PCs /laptops will undoubtedly be expensive. To prevent all of these problems, it is advisable to rent according to your needs whenever required.
We have got something for everyone at an affordable price.

Events IT Setup & Support

Affordable IT Solutions built to keep Events running smoothly
When you host an event, you need solid IT infrastructure to to carry out events you want to put on.
Al Kofa Computer provides various options, full technical support for events, and rental and sale services. Whether it’s an entertainment show, Educational event, or a global business conference, we offer full technical support for your event of any size or scope.
If you are looking for Security Equipment, Routers, Rack servers, WiFi solutions, Switches, Gateways, Laptops, Computers, Etc. You can rent for as long as you want with the benefits of continuous service and technical support.
With our Events IT Support, you’ll be able to host and facilitate the event you had in mind.
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