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WiFi for Businesses and Offices
Whether you’re a small business with a busy office or a corporate facility with hundreds of employees, modern companies are now almost wholly reliant on a stable, fast WiFi connection.
Al Kofa Computer provides leading-edge WIFI solutions in Dubai and across the UAE. We offer secure wireless setup solutions for Corporates, Offices, Cafeterias, Restaurants, Homes & Villas.
The wireless network provides employees and guest workers untethered access to voice, video, data, and applications regardless of their physical location.

Our business WiFi solutions ensure your wireless networks are built around your individual company’s needs.

We help you overcome everyday challenges such as:
• Slow WIFI connection
• No WIFI coverage in some parts of the business premises
• Inconsistent WIFI connection
• No WIFI coverage at all.

WI-FI Solutions for Corporates and Offices

Al Kofa Computer provides the best office WiFi solutions, corporate WiFi & enterprise wireless network in Dubai, UAE
We offer secure, affordable and reliable solutions, making it the best office WiFi.
We offer both controller and cloud-managed enterprise WiFi solutions.

Cafeterias & Restaurant WIFI Solution

Cost-Effective WiFi Solution for Cafes and Restaurants, Offer your customers free public guest WiFi.
We provide Enterprise-grade access points for wide coverage and reliable connectivity

Villa WiFi Solution

Using the latest wireless technology, we can create the perfect indoor and outdoor wireless networks for your Villas and Home

We offer a Wide Range of Wireless Products at low Prices for Villas & Homes.

Events WiFi Solutions

AL Kofa Computer provides Fast, reliable access to the internet for short to mid-term events, trade shows, festivals, business events in a hotel or conference center.
We provide portable WiFi solutions for any outdoor, short to mid-term events depending on your needs, the number of users or the place where your event takes place; we deploy one or more mobile WiFi terminals broadcasting one or more network SSID as per your requirements.

• Secure & Scalable
• Portable WiFi
• Captive Portal and Splash Page
• Network Monitoring
• Usage Reports
• Dedicated Site Engineer
• 24/7 Network Support

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